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Property Girls Team Donates $20,012 

The 4th Annual Clay Pidgeon Tournament, held on September 14, benefits MEG's Gift. The event successfully raised and donated over $20,000 to MEG's Gift.  We are so grateful!



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Throughout her life, Megan Elizabeth Garbach was an emulation of compassion, giving and kindness.  She unabashedly shared these gifts with each person she met.  When Megan tragically lost her battle with depression in 2014, her family and friends promised that the manner of her death would not define how she was known in life. Instead, they wanted to ensure that the gifts Meg so freely gave to the world during her lifetime were her legacy. 


To do this, they created MEG’s Gift, a 501(c)3 nonprofit public charity.

a proud community partner...

MEG's Gift started with the simple intention of carrying on Megan's loving legacy.  Positively impacting mental health care in our community is at the heart of our mission. MEG's Gift works with community organizations to provides financial support, educational resources, and advocacy efforts to ensure that those struggling with mental illness have access to the care they need to live fulfilling lives. We are passionate about changing the conversation about mental health and invite you to join us!





to local organizations

Since 2015, MEG's Gift has donated

MEG's Gift, Inc.

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