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Gold Sponsors
$5,000 and above

Ron Swanson


Jack and Donna DePeters

Barb Long
Blue Heron Construction

KMD Construction and Restoration, Inc

  • Father Robert Kreckel

  • D’Amico Family Foundation

  • Roberta Pilato

  • Donna Barnard

  • Pilato Law, LLC

  • Leigh and Aaron Finocchario

  • G&G Fitness

  • Millennium Machinery

  • Salvatore’s Pizza

  • Fred and Grace Rainaldi

  • Humane Flooring

  • John O'Rourke and Carolyn Barnhart

  • DeLuca Family

  • Paula and Chet Phelps

  • Taylor and Haley Hart

  • Magagnoli Giving Fund

  • Genesee Regional Bank

  • Edwin and Karen Meyers

  • Get-It-Straight Orthodontist

  • Doug and Betty Bufano

  • Gregory and Jan Gormican

  • Knights Of Columbus Church Of Holy Spirit Council No.16411

  • Botek Charitable Fund

  • Miller Funeral and Cremation Foundation

  • Bill and Jill Valle

  • Anthony Imburgia

  • Angelo and Joanne Magagnoli

  • Anonymous

  • Knights of Columbus Council No. 4618

  • Sr. Diane Marie Erskine

  • Gwendolyn Castleman and James Carney

  • Rocky Guadagnino and Mary Beauchamp

  • Tom and Ruth Uschold

  • King Graphic Communications, LLC

  • Dr. Larry and Pat Giangreco

  • Rick and Lynn Blakey

  • Peter and Patti Dohr

  • Steve and Eileen D’Arienzo

  • Network For Good

  • William and Geraedette Deloatche

  • Ron and Bonnie Epner

  • Bruce and Char Peck

  • Stacy and Peter Schreiber

  • Jim and Joan McGrath

  • Grant and Maria Blakey

  • Tim and Sue Murphy

  • Robert Paiement

  • Mark Poore

  • Anne and Larry Feasel

  • Dr. Steve Dvorin

  • Charles and Mingyi Healey

  • The Benevity Community Impact Fund

  • Cathy Kwit

  • Steve and Mary Wright

  • Jim and Mary Maley

  • Charles and Rosalie Polvino

  • Heath and Mary Boyer

  • John and Jill Doyle

  • Joe and Ann Sakmyster

  • Mark and Marcia Bovenzi

  • Del and Sharon Zogg

  • Joe and Debbie Costello

  • Tom and Elaine Nespeca

  • Joe and Mel Callan

  • Joe DePaolis

  • David and Irene Geen

  • Bob and MaryJane Fry

  • James and Joan Welch

  • John and Margie Mecca

  • Glen and Enza Willing

  • Dr. Joseph Viola

  • Tim and Lori Mason

  • Dan Scalzo

  • Pamela Schultz

  • Mark and Lindy Fitzgerald

  • Josh and Kara Lehman

  • Dr. Kimberly Kalish

  • Noel and Grace Schlageter

  • Lorie Klafen

  • Dr. Peri and Cecilia Samikkannu

  • John and Lynn George

  • Rich and Carole Bialczak

  • Sandra Kolupski

  • Bethany Brockway

  • Chris and Laurie Neville

  • Dan and Lisa Dwyer

  • Chri and Laura Blair

  • Dr. Peter and Wendy Micca

  • John and Barb Julian

  • Deborah Pelcher

  • Rayand Donna Kulik

  • Tom and Ann Thornley

  • Kathy Cushman

  • Norm and Judy Karsten

  • Evan McCormack

  • Roger and Mary Carlson

  • Bob and Kathleen Ouellette

  • Veterans Outreach Center

  • The Benevuty Community Impact Fund

  • Tom Kelly

MEG’s Gift is grateful to ALL who contributed this year. We appreciate your continued love and support to carry on our mission:

To advocate for mental health intervention and to nurture an inspirational legacy through community involvement and support.

Thank you!