Since our inception, MEG's Gift has cultivated an ever-growing, generous and dedicated community of supporters.  We are forever grateful to all of the individuals who have and continue to financially sponsor us in our mission.  We collect donations year-round through various events and our annual fundraising Golf Tournament, Silent Auction and Dinner at Shadow Lake Golf Club. 


You can always donate directly on our site by clicking below.


MEG's Gift is always looking for new fundraising opportunities.  Email us today if you or an organization you know is looking to sponsor an event!


$5,000 and up

Ron Swanson


$500 - $999

  • John O'Rourke

  • Carolyn Barnhart

  • DeLuca Family

  • Paula and Chet Phelps

  • Taylor and Haley Hart

  • Magagnoli Giving Fund

  • Genesee Regional Bank

  • Edwin and Karen Meyers

  • Get-It-Straight Orthodontist

  • Doug and Betty Bufano

  • Gregory and Jan Gormican

  • Knights Of Columbus Church Of Holy Spirit Council No.16411

  • Botek Charitable Fund

  • Miller Funeral and Cremation Foundation

  • Bill and Jill Valle

  • Anthony Imburgia

  • Angelo and Joanne Magagnoli


Honoring those we lost

  • D’Amico Family Foundation

    • In memory of Sean P. Kelly

  • Mary and Steve Wright

    • In memory of Daniel Gerard

  • Cathy Kwit

    •  In memory of Daniel Gerard

  • Dan Scalzo

    • In memory of Elaine Scalzo

  • Donna Barnard 

    • In memory of Victoria Sinai

  • Elaine DeLuca

    • In memory of Benjamin  Thompson

  • Carrie Horton

    • In memory of Maureen Laudisi

  • Linda Marshall

    • In memory of Margaret Musucci

  • Jenna Giardino

    • In memory of Chelsea Cahill

  • Roberta Pilato

    • In memory of Pat Messina

  • MARY BEAUCHAMP and Rocky

    • In memory of Maureen Laudisi

  • Kathleen Barnard

    • In memory of Maureen Laudisi

  • Patricia Groschadl

    • In memory of Karen Sell

  • Justin Vigdor

    • In honor of Aldrich Tomlinson

  • Jackie and Gary Cushman

    • In honor of Bob and Amanda Cushman


$2,500 - $4,999

KMD Construction and Restoration, Inc.

Jack and Donna DePeters

Barb Long

Blue Heron Construction


$200 - $499

  • Knights of Columbus Council No. 4618 

  • Sr. Diane Marie Erskine

  • Gwendolyn Castleman and James Carney

  • Rocky Guadagnino and Mary Beauchamp

  • Tom and Ruth Uschold

  • King Graphic Communications, LLC

  • Dr. Larry and Pat Giangreco

  • Rick and Lynn Blakey

  • Peter and Patti Dohr

  • Steve and Eileen D’Arienzo

  • Network For Good

  • William and Geraedette Deloatche

  • Ron and Bonnie Epner

  • Bruce and Char Peck

  • Stacy and Peter Schreiber

  • Jim and Joan McGrath

  • Grant and Maria Blakey

  • Tim and Sue Murphy

  • Robert Paiement


$1,000 - $2,499

  • Father Robert Kreckel

  • D’Amico Family Foundation

  • Roberta Pilato

  • Donna Barnard

  • Pilato Law, LLC

  • Leigh and Aaron Finocchario

  • G&G Fitness

  • Millennium Machinery

  • Salvatore’s Pizza

  • Fred and Grace Rainaldi

  • Humane Flooring

  • Leo's Bakery & Deli


$100 - $199

  • Mark Poore

  • Anne and Larry Feasel

  • Dr. Steve Dvorin

  • Charles and Mingyi Healey

  • The Benevity Community Impact Fund

  • Cathy Kwit

  • Steve and Mary Wright

  • Jim and Mary Maley

  • Charles and Rosalie Polvino

  • Heath and Mary Boyer

  • John and Jill Doyle

  • Joe and Ann Sakmyster

  • Mark and Marcia Bovenzi

  • Del and Sharon Zogg

  • Joe and Debbie Costello

  • Tom and Elaine Nespeca

  • Joe and Mel Callan

  • Joe DePaolis

  • David and Irene Geen

  • Bob and MaryJane Fry

  • James and Joan Welch

  • John and Margie Mecca

  • Glen and Enza Willing

  • Dr. Joseph Viola

  • Tim and Lori Mason

  • Dan Scalzo

  • Pamela Schultz

  • Mark and Lindy Fitzgerald

  • Josh and Kara Lehman

  • Dr. Kimberly Kalish

  • Noel and Grace Schlageter

  • Lorie Klafen

  • Dr. Peri and Cecilia Samikkannu

  • John and Lynn George

  • Rich and Carole Bialczak

  • Sandra Kolupski

  • Bethany Brockway

  • Chris and Laurie Neville

  • Dan and Lisa Dwyer

  • Chri and Laura Blair

  • Dr. Peter and Wendy Micca

  • John and Barb Julian

  • Deborah Pelcher

  • Rayand Donna Kulik

  • Tom and Ann Thornley

  • Kathy Cushman

  • Norm and Judy Karsten

  • Evan McCormack

  • Roger and Mary Carlson

  • Bob and Kathleen Ouellette

  • Veterans Outreach Center

  • The Benevuty Community Impact Fund

  • Tom Kelly

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